Leadership Development

Based on what the best 9-1-1 centers in the country have done to create great places to work, our leadership development program is customized to give your leadership team the skills to positively impact your center’s culture. Using the latest in evidence-based practices and tools, help your team establish an inspiring vision for the future of your center.

With access to assessments, executive coaching, in-depth team-building sessions, your team will understand the specific steps they need to take to empower their fellow team members. Effectively leading a team requires a completely different skillset than working a console. Set your team up to succeed.

Girl at comm center desk
Culture Assessment & Consulting

Even with the best technology, your center won’t run effectively without the right people doing the right things. Find out what the best 9-1-1 communications centers do differently, and how your center can get on track.

• Assess employee engagement
• Evaluate your center from a 360 degree perspective
• Build the skills of your leadership team

“As a Deputy Chief newly assigned to oversee our Communications Section, I knew I needed help understanding why our center had been struggling for a long period of time. Our attrition rate was nearly double the national average, valued long-time employees were leaving, morale was very low, and it felt like we had lost our way. I wasn’t willing to accept “that’s just the way it is in dispatch centers” or that we would have to “settle” for what we had. We hired The Healthy Dispatcher to help make sense of what was happening and provide direction for the way forward to becoming a highly sought-after, exemplary 9-1-1 center. Adam Timm’s industry-based experience provided us with a trained eye and outside, objective assessment of our center.”

“Adam began the consulting project immediately, evaluated every aspect of our center and finished ahead of schedule. Through his conversations with staff he established trust and opened lines of communications. With this trust, he was able to diagnose the core issues that had been plaguing our center for years. He provided concrete, research-backed, implementable steps to bring us on track, a clear understanding of why things are as they are, in addition to what we need to do now. Adam helped cut through years of dysfunction, getting quickly to the heart of the challenges at hand.”

“Without Adam’s expertise and ability to quickly establish trust, we likely would have lost additional team members frustrated with the status quo. They have hope again, and although we have some work to do, we know what needs to be done. I have no doubt that engaging Adam saved us years of difficult work in terms of turning our center into a high-performance, low-turnover organization–definitely time and money well spent. Through the process, we have discovered our “why” again! Thank you, Adam.”

— K. Barron, Deputy Chief, Westminster, CO

Continuing Education

Our innovative training classes address the biggest challenges facing your 9-1-1 communications center. Low morale, excessive absenteeism, employee retention, poor customer service—all exposing your agency to increased liability and higher costs—can be traced to poor communication, internal conflict, bad leadership, and high stress levels.

We offer classes customized to the specific challenges of your center, and we’ll work with you to ensure attendees received approved training credit for attendance.

Class features:
• Information and experience that dispatchers can use today
• Customizable follow-up and accountability options for greater learning impact
• Innovative and engaging classroom experience
• The latest tools in the areas of emotional intelligence, communication, resilience, and leadership

Thought Leadership

Founder Adam Timm and The Healthy Dispatcher team has spent decades learning, documenting and sharing the tools and perspectives used by emergency communications centers across the country to increase retention and inspire high performance. Articles by The Healthy Dispatcher have appeared in publications offered by the National Emergency Number Association (NENA), the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO), with additional coverage on PoliceOne.com and tens of thousands of reads on LinkedIn.

Two books in The Healthy Dispatcher Series, “Dispatcher Stress: 50 Lessons On Beating the Burnout,” and “People Driven Leadership: How the Best 9-1-1 Centers Inspire Positive Change,” have become essential reading for 9-1-1 professionals worldwide, distilling seemingly complex concepts into simple and easy-to-use principles for thriving in this challenging career.


Get paired with a mentor who can help you take your career to the next level. Our program features customized matching based on initial screening and interview: guidance for the most productive mentorship relationship; and an up-to-date database of mentors categorized by qualifications, professional credentials and goals.

Program Objectives:

– Grow the next generation of industry leaders
– Offer tenured industry leaders an opportunity to leave their legacy
– Provide membership with a vision of career success and steps to get there
– Empower membership with resources they may not otherwise have access to or know how to find
– Prevent career stagnation

Virtual Training (in development)

Incorporating the latest in interactive technology along with proven adult learning theory principles, our virtual learning offering is designed from the ground up for knowledge transfer, maximizing your training dollar and your team’s time spent.


“Great class for 911 dispatchers–not only good for us, but applies to everyone.”

Randy W. – Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Dept.

“Very awesome learning experience. It gave me the push to purse my goals, and showed me I can believe in myself.”

Nadine S. – Tulia Police Dept.

“Amazing, I really needed this. Thank you.”

Meghan B. – Bastrop Co. Sheriff’s Office

“I loved everything about the class. The instructors were excellent and kept everyone involved!”

Jessica M. – Potter Country Sheriff’s Office