The Healthy Dispatcher

Bringing Quality Programs to 9-1-1 Since 2014.

Created by a former 9-1-1 dispatcher, our services are designed specifically for the emergency communications work environment. Our learning experiences equip participants with tools and perspectives they can use on the job today.

By learning the key characteristics of the leadership approach used by the most successful emergency communications centers, your teams will help build your center’s foundation for the next generation.

Essential Tools

Emotional Intelligence, effective communication, conflict management, customer service and leadership skills are essential for today’s high-performing 9-1-1 teams.

Decades of Experience

Founded by front line 9-1-1 experience and guided by leaders in the industry who’ve developed solutions that work.

Innovative Solutions

When the way we’ve always done it longer works, the best centers enroll their team members in inventing a new approach.

Certification & Accreditation

Our training classes are state-approved and our methods designed around industry best practices and standards.

The health of a 9-1-1 center is determined by the health of its people — in the way they communicate, live and lead.

– Adam Timm –



To achieve success you need the right tools for the job. Empower, train, and coach your leaders to the next level.


Even with the best tech, your center won’t run effectively without the right people doing the right things. Bring your center on par with the best.


Innovative and interactive learning experiences designed with the adult learner in mind. Invest in knowledge that lands.


Books, articles, podcasts and presentations based on years of research and industry experience. Connect with insights that you can use today.


Push your 9-1-1 career to new heights by finding a mentor who can offer the guidance you need.


Not all virtual training offerings are created equally. Built from the ground-up with adult learners in mind, say goodbye to a passive virtual learning experience.

9-1-1 professionals are the unsung superheroes of our communities, every day.

– Adam Timm –

About Us

Adam Timm
Adam Timm

Founder / President

Melissa Alterio
Melissa Alterio, CPE, RPL

Consulting Instructor

Kris Inman

Director of Program Development

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