May 4, 2022

8:30 am / 5:00 pm


Maxcomb County Emergency Dispatch

117 S. Groesbeck Hwy

The Healthy Dispatcher


Adam Timm


This class is SNC Approved for Grant Funding, SNC #HDI 201807A

Class Description:
The people in your PSAP are your most valuable resource and specific leadership approach can help keep them. Research shows that the best comm centers motivate their team members in a different way. This class outlines the power of a transformational approach, the keys to successful implementation, and offers specific ways to boost morale and improve retention, whether you’re a supervisor, lead dispatcher, or someone with leadership potential.

Learning Objectives:
In this interactive training class, participants learn proven ways to:
—Embody the habits of a successful leader
—Identify their personal leadership style
—Take actionable steps towards becoming the leader they want to be
—Create a culture of success at their communications center

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