May 16, 2023

8:00 am

The term “customer service” doesn’t always seem to apply to public safety. The best communications centers, however, strive every day to establish a culture of excellent customer service, when working with the public as well as fellow team members. When we see that the people we work with, both inside the center and in the field, are all receiving some level of customer service from us, things change for the better. In this training class, participants are offered clear illustrations of excellent customer service in public safety, and the are given tools to create a culture that values customer service in every interaction.

In this class participants learn how to:

  • Analyze their customer service approach and make adjustments when needed
  • Skillfully deal with difficult callers
  • Expand their viewpoint of how to apply customer service to 9-1-1 work
  • Think outside the box while assisting citizens and coworkers in need